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Don’t go at it alone. We are here to help!

Why you should hire a tax professional

Taxes are due soon and you may be wondering whether to dive into tax preparation on your own or hire a tax professional to get them done. Whether you have a detailed personal file or need corporate tax returns completed, your best bet is hiring an experienced professional.

Professionals know the details

Seasoned pros like Marc C. Phelps can sort through every intricate tax record and let you know what might be missing or how to locate information you hadn’t even considered in preparing to calculate taxes. The people who do this every day in their career do so because they thoroughly enjoy the process, including staying current with tax codes, changes, deduction/credit opportunities, and payment resources.

Make it easier on yourself

Those who try to tackle the task on their own often find it to be daunting or overwhelming. It can take far more time than planned. As well, some of the items and figures needed for optimal returns can be difficult to pin down. That is, unless a professional preparer takes charge. Someone who knows the very specific ins-and-outs of the line items and requested amount figures.

Save money in the long run

In the big picture, hiring a tax pro can save money. A LOT of money. Oftentimes, just one deduction or tax credit that likely would’ve been missed by a self-preparer can cover the cost and more of the services paid to a professional.

Save time

Hiring a tax preparation specialist can save plenty of time, too. Imagine spending several weeknights or a full weekend doing all this headache-inducing paperwork and number crunching… and then not even being certain you completed it correctly. Doesn’t it sound much nicer handing that stuffed file of W-2s, receipts, statements, and more to an expert who can guarantee accuracy? Most people would answer “yes.”

Review prior returns

Tax preparation specialists can review prior years’ tax returns, too, to see if anything was missed. If you are owed money, they can make sure it gets added to current funds. Your chances of being audited for any year’s returns are far less likely when using a tax professional — and if the IRS does get in touch, the pro can calmly handle any questions and get it straightened out effectively.

Convinced yet? Be sure to contact Marc C. Phelps with any inquiries, and get that tax preparation planning with his office scheduled soon…because you have more fun things to do and don’t need the stress! Get in touch.

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